Business Type
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Exhibit Cost
OptionsUnit Price
Standard BoothUsd2700/9㎡
Raw Space(>=18m)USD240/㎡
Extra fee for Corner LocationUSD324/corner
CTJPA Registration FeeUSD400
KFE Shanghai30% Discont

Special Notice:

1. 30% of total participation fee should be paid within seven days after submission of application. Deadline of full payment is 30 July, 2023.
               2. Corner and head stands are subject to 15% extra of standard booth fee for each corner.
               3. 5% additional discount regarding to the agreement if full payment received before 31 Jan, 2023.
               4. Registration fee includes one page of free advertisement in catalogue.
               5. Every discount condition is based on the date of payment and would expire after deadline.. Each 9m2 or 16m2 booth includes 2 folding chairs, 1 information desk, 1 garbage can, 1 power socket (220V/5A), 5 spotlights, 9 flat shelves or 3 cupboards.

Discount Policy
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booths(sq m)
Level 1 DiscountLevel 2 DiscountLevel 3 Discount
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