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TJPA Con-Uncover the Future Industry Development Trends

During TJPA Con, heated discussions surrounding topics about the future development trends of toys, kids’ products and preschool education, community marketing, new consumption mode, product innovation etc. were conducted. Renowned industry experts as well as manufacturers, retailers, distributors and wholesalers from different regions joined the event. In the process, participants shared their insights and experiences with each other, expanded their network and identified new opportunities for their future development.


With high-speed economic development, people’s attitudes towards consumption have undergone tremendous changes. In this new era, consumers pay more attention to product quality, care more about the product value and their needs become increasingly diversified. Word of mouth recommendation wins more trust than traditional advertisements and social media are playing a signification role in consumption decision making.  


Toys in the Chinese market can be classified broadly into electronic, mechanical, plastic and wooden toys. In addition to traditional offerings, models, licensed toys (including movie spin-offs, cartoon characters, etc.), dolls, high-tech toys, educational toys, internet-connected toys and toys for adult recreation and entertainment have continued to come onto the market. There is a shift away from traditional, medium to low-end battery-operated toys, construction sets and decorative toys, towards innovative electronic toys, intelligent toys, up-market plush toys and decorative cloth toys.

High-tech electronic toys have become increasingly popular in recent years. Interactive, electronic toys with relatively high technology content have emerged as mainstream items. Another growth area is educational toys inspiring children’s imagination and creativity and enhancing their in-hand coordination skills. Toys that combine learning and fun are well received by children and parents alike.

For industry players, the key to win consumers heart comes to understanding consumers demand and be innovative.  It becomes increasingly important to focus on product quality and differentiation to cater to diversified needs. In terms of brand and product marketing, making full use of new media including social community, interactive media platforms, KOL will create unexpected effects. The principles are--Be understanding, be professional and be friendly!