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How to Apply Visas?

What is a visa?

A visa is authorization by the country you're visiting that allows you to enter the country for a certain amount of time. In China there are various visas that are different based on the reason for visiting. There are different visas for visiting (tourist visa), studying (student visa) and working (business visa).

How do I apply for a China visa?
It is usually recommended that you apply for the visa one or two months before the intended travel.

What do I need for a China visa application?
The following is the bare minimum for a tourist (L) visa application.
1、Passport (original, not a copy) with at least two blank visa pages (amendment pages and pages with bar codes are not acceptable for visa stamping),valid for at least 6 months
2、One completed, signed Visa Application Form for each passport, with appropriate visa fee and any supporting information required
3、Two passport photos (head and shoulders only, front view, with a white background, approximately 35mm x 45mm


When you have the required items ready, submit the application at the appropriate visa office of China embassy/consulate-general, or Visa Application Center in your country.

If you cannot go in person, you can entrust someone else to drop off the visa application, or a travel/visa agency to help handle your visa application. For applicants holding a U.S. passport, we recommend VisaHQ, who provides a fast, efficient service at a very competitive price. Visit their website at