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52TOYS joins hands with cultural tourism brands for the first time

The crossover brand cooperation between 52TOYS and Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel is a new exploration to meet the upgrading of consumer demand in the era of "interest consumption".

With per capita GDP breaking through the 10,000 U.S. dollar mark and Gen Z gradually becoming the mainstream consumption force, the domestic consumer market has officially entered the era of "interest consumption".

In the consumption 1.0 stage, the consumption unit are mainly households, and the consumption was mostly to meet the material needs of the family; in the consumption 2.0 stage, the consumption units are mainly individuals, and the consumption begins to satisfy the "individual needs". The public began to pursue consumer brands with high quality and differentiated characteristics; In the consumption 3.0 stage, the public’s “individual needs” gradually shift from the material needs to the spiritual realm, non-essential and funny products will be commonly favored, which marks the arrival of the era of "interest consumption".