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The world’s largest LEGO flagship store opened in Guangzhou Grandview Plaza

The world’s largest LEGO flagship store recently opened in Guangzhou Grandview Plaza. It is the first LEGO flagship store in the domestic market that presents a brand-new "retailtainment" concept, which has made itself a highlight.

The store has two floors, covering an area of 721 square meters in total. As the sixth Lego brand flagship store in Asia and the first in Guangzhou, it brings the essence of Lego’s “retailtainment” into full play.

The development of the business model lasts two years, mainly with the unique integration of digitalization and physical entertainment to improve the consumption experience and enhance the stickiness of its fans.

In the store, consumers can create new images by using Lego blocks, such as customizing their own Lego images by Lego mosaic pixel machine and customizing personalized minifigures in Lego minifigures factory. There are various styles of clothes to choose in the custom workshop. Customers can also draw their favorite patterns and characters, as well as Guangzhou’s exclusive "Cantonese" clothing patterns and stickers.

The interactive "story table" designed for LEGO adult fans can tell the story behind the product, show early product designs and prototypes, reveal the product development process, and allow fans to "virtually talk" with Lego designers.

The "Lego Minifigure Emoji Show" is also very interesting-the Lego minifigures on the screen will imitate tourists and make different funny expressions, bringing an interesting interactive experience