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Strategic Trading Card Games, a new strong development momentum

Recently, card manufacturer Zhejiang Kayou Animation Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Kayou Animation") received an investment from Sequoia Capital. Some investors said that Sequoia Capital's valuation of Kayou Animation is at the level of US$1 billion.
Behind the high valuation is a huge and growing consumption market. Strategic Trading Card Games have shown a strong momentum of development globally. In the domestic market, with the aid of IP, the sub-category has quickly become a "social currency" for teenagers, and it also has broad development prospects.
A report by the US market research organization NPD Group shows that, according to its tracking in 12 global markets (G12), in the first half of this year, the sales of Strategic Trading Card Games (TCG) have increased 136% over the year of 2019, at the top of the 29 sub-categories.
The TCG centers on collecting cards. Players need to collect cards by purchasing randomly packaged booster packs, and then flexibly use different cards according to their own strategies to construct a set of cards that meet the rules of the game.
The illustration of the TCG is the carrier of the game’s IP, while the character images and worldview are important factors that attract players.
Globally, the market for TCG in the United States and Japan is relatively mature, maintaining a momentum of steady growth with a broad user base and a relatively large market.