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LEGO to roll out Braille Bricks for visually impaired children

To visually impaired kids, Braille is an important skill they need to pick up. However, as traditional learning equipment such as Braille displayer is dull and an increasing number of audio books and apps are entering the market, fewer visually impaired children are willing to learn Braille.

According to a research by RNIB (Royal National Institute of the Blind), in 2017, among a total of 21,900 visually impaired children in UK, there were only 1077 learning Braille accounting for less than 5%.

Faced with this situation, Lego Foundation and Lego Group recently announced that Lego will roll out a collection of specially designed “Braille Bricks” to motivate visually impaired children to learn Braille while having fun.


The whole collection of Braille bricks consists of 250 pieces, which look very much like the ordinary bricks and are compatible with them. Each colorful brick has a raised printed letter or symbol allowing the sighted and blind to interact and play on equal terms. LEGO® Braille Bricks is a playful tool to teach Braille to blind and visually impaired children. The toolkit comprises of adjusted LEGO bricks that correspond to Braille.

The concept presents a groundbreaking and inclusive opportunity to teach blind, visually impaired and sighted children alongside each other by offering a fun and playful way to engage, interact and learn together.  A pedagogical concept that builds on learning through play principles ensures an optimal teaching and learning experience. The aim is to inspire blind and visually impaired children to learn Braille and as such support them in achieving their goals and dreams in life!


At present, the Braille bricks are undergoing testing and are expected to enter the market in 2020.