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TJPA Conference – on the Forefront of Chinese Toy & Kids Products Market

The most authoritative conference of Chinese toy and kids products industry – the 10th TJPA Conference will be held at Suzhou Taihu International Conference Center during March 30 – 31, 2018. Held annually by China Toy & Juvenile Products Association, TJPA Conference became the best platform for business communication in the industry and deeply influenced the industrial development which attracts the attention of the whole industry and society.

Compare to the previous years, TJPA Conference has a greater mission this year. As the industry structures significantly changed, AI, sharing economy and new retail became the new industry format, and the consequent problems appear – consumption upgrading, cost competition, channel innovation, product homogeneity, user experience, etc. Facing the complicated status of the industry, making scientific prediction and promoting the global industrial development is urgent.
At 2018 TJPA Conference, leading Chinese retail giants including senior executive of MI and Mr. Ye Guofu, co-founder and CEO of MINISO will share their business success stories in new retail era and at the same time, heads of national ministries, domestic economists and industrial top experts including the economist and Special Research Fellow of the State Council Mr. Yao Jingyuan will have deep analysis on the issues of “the economic policy after the 19th CPC National Congress”, “Made with Wisdom”, “marketing innovation”, “artificial intelligence”, “channel innovation in new retail era” and “user experience” , and will release industry data, predict the industry trend, introduce innovation theories and create the core competitiveness and sustained development of the industry.
Mr. Ye Guofu 

Mr. Yao Jingyuan

Part of 2018 China Toy Expo exhibitors, distributors and CTJPA members among totally 700 participants will attend the upcoming TJPA Conference. Let’s look forward to the success of the 10th TJPA Conference and embrace a new China Toy Expo this October in the new retail era!