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Executive Round Table Meeting Connects Brands with Channels

More and more international toy brands are looking to China’s domestic market, which has the biggest consumer base and the greatest potential in the coming decades. But how to enter the market quickly and safely? Executive Round Table Meeting held during China Toy Expo gives the answer.

To effectively connect international toy and kids product brands with leading Chinese retailers and distributors, CTJPA hold “Executive Round Table Meeting – Brands Meet Channels” annually during China Toy Expo since 2013. This year, international toy brands from USA, UK, France, Japan, South Korea, etc. joined the meeting, and had deeply communication with Chinese leading retailers and distributors such as Leyou, Red Baby, Yansha, Dreamport, etc. By building up good relationship with these channels, the international toy brands are steps closer to the world’s biggest market.


During the meeting, international toy brands shared their plans on product positioning, network construction and brand engagement after entering Chinese market. On the other hand, Chinese retailers and distributors shared their business status, market experiences, opportunities and challenges.
At the meantime, international brands and Chinese channels had dialogues on “the best way   for international brands to enter Chinese market” and “the golden rule to balance sales volume and brand expanding”, etc. By specifically interacting and matchmaking with each other during the Executive Round Table Meeting, international toy brands and Chinese channels have set up the base for win-win cooperation.
“Executive Round Table Meeting – Brands Meet Channels” is one of the best ways for international toy and kids product brands to find reliable sales partners and enter the Chinese market. It will hold again in October 2018, during China Toy Expo in Shanghai. Are you ready?


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