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China Toy & Juvenile Products Association (CTJPA) is the not-for-profit trade association representing the interests of Chinese toy and juvenile products industry. CTJPA is the only official representative in ICTI appointed by Chinese government and the governance board member of ICTI Care Process. The government, the trade, the media and consumers recognize CTJPA as the authoritative voice of industry.

CTJPA was founded in 1986 as the China Toy Association, renamed to China Toy & Juvenile Products Association (CTJPA) with the approval of relevant Chinese government organizations in June 2011. It is recognized as the authoritative voice of China toy & juvenile product industry by the government, the trade, the media and consumers.

Registered members consist of producers and distributors, testing laboratories, design firms, and educational institutions of toys, baby products, hobbies, and children entertainment products in China. CTJPA members today account for approximately 60% of toy and juvenile products producers and brand agents, and 30% of distributors, department stores and chain stores in China. Its members also include licensing companies, design firms, educational institutions and testing labs etc. Total registered members are over 5,000. The general management functions of TJPA are performed by the President and the Secretariat. The Secretariat is based in Beijing.

Mission Statement
To provide, support effective services to meet the needs of diverse membership, enhance the image and growth of China toy & juvenile product industry.

Committee of plush and stuffed toys
Committee of wooden toys
Committee of plastic and mechanical toys
Committee of baby carriers
Committee of baby and infant toys
Committee of outdoor toys and playground equipment
Committee of hobby
Subcommittee of toy research

Main Responsibilities
1. To work for government authorities, make and implement industry development plans, propose constructive suggestions on policies preferred to the industry.
2. On behalf of the industry’s interest, to express a powerful voice of problems and difficulties the industry facing to the government and prevent unwarranted policies and regulations.
3. To develop toy safety standards, support the government in managing and supervising product quality, share the knowledge and increase compliance.
4. To increase industry awareness of being creative and brands building, award and promote outstanding industry leaders and innovative products.
5. To advocate standardized management and fair competition among members, enhance industry self-regulating, and eliminate fraud practices and vicious competition.
6. To provide members update information on domestic and international policies and regulations, safety standards and expert guidance on compliance, product trends, market news, and industry reports.
7. To develop national industrial professionals certification standards, conduct education and certification programs to upgrade the proficiency of industry professionals.
8. To keep communications with foreign government organizations, industry associations, and international companies, and foster industry global cooperation and recognition.
9. To organize international trade exhibitions in China and organize China pavilions at international trade fairs, help members expanding business both at domestic and international markets.
10. To champion value of playing and toy and juvenile products safety to parents and society, ensure safe play for Children.