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Lego Group and Nitendo collaborated to roll out LEGO® Super Mario™

Designers from Nitendo and the LEGO Group have worked together to bring LEGO Mario™ to life in a way that completely reimagines the world of physical LEGO building. Collecting coins, spinning through challenges & completing levels – it’s all part of the new LEGO® Super Mario™ play experience.

Recently, the LEGO Group announced a partnership with Nintendo. The two parties will jointly launch the LEGO® Super Mario Toy Set this year, bringing a new playing experience for all LEGO® fans and Nintendo players.
Both the LEGO Group and Nintendo are passionate about innovation and play. The collaboration is inspired by the popular Nintendo idol-like character, Super Mario. This series of toy sets not only allows players to have an unprecedented construction experience but also create a new way of playing.

The LEGO® Super Mario Series is neither a video game nor a traditional LEGO brick set, but a brand new product line. The feature of this series of toy sets is that it is extremely interactive. Players can use Super Mario to collect coins from the LEGO bricks in the game levels. This new series will not only allow children to fully immerse themselves in the world of Super Mario, but also have an unprecedented game play experience. Super Mario will appear in the physical Lego toy world, and the new challenge level and game style will also become one of the iconic experiences of LEGO toys loved by players of all ages.

In addition, the LEGO Group and Nintendo also shared the news of their cross-border cooperation in a promotional video released today.
As seen in the trailer video, a LEGO player uses interactive Super Mario to collect game coins made from LEGO bricks. Lego fans and Nintendo players can learn about the characteristics of the Lego® Super Mario series through the video.

Regarding the upcoming LEGO® Super Mario Series, Julia Goldin, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer of the LEGO Group, stated:
We are excited to combine LEGO bricks with Super Mario through interactive games. This fun experience allows millions of Super Mario-loving children to interact and play in new ways. They can manipulate their favorite characters to create and play games. By integrating the latest digital technology, the LEGO® Super Mario Collection will provide children with a highly social, interactive and collaborative play experience.
Nintendo executive and game producer Takashi Tezuka said:
I have always loved LEGO products, and the LEGO Group always encourages children to give full play to their imagination. Therefore, when we are developing a new series of toys with the LEGO Group, we strive to combine these two different game styles-one is that the player can freely create a super Mario world, and the other is that the player can create a world in his own way to play with Super Mario.
The LEGO® Super Mario Toy Set is coming soon. Stay tuned for more information.