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2020 New Products by Major Toy Companies Reveal 3 Key Features

The 117th New York International Toy Fair was held from February 22nd to 25th, local time in New York. More than 1,000 toy exhibitors from all over the world launched their latest products at the show. From these new products, three major features can be identified of the 2020 new products.


Feature One: multiple applications of technological elements

More new products integrating scientific and technology elements such as AR, VR, 3D Printing Technology and even AI human-computer interaction technology were showcased at the toy fair. These products will tickle children’s curiosity and allow them to enjoy the fun brought by technology.

New Product integrating AI technology: Alexa 2-in-1 Kitchen and Market

This product was developed by KidKraft in cooperation with Amazon.  With Amazon's voice assistant Alexa, children can imaginatively interact with Alexa, including cooking, checking out at grocery stores, playing games, etc. The product is equipped with various real lifelike kitchen utensils, market sound effects, and more than 100 interactive accessories, including interactive scanners, RF smart code scanners, etc.


New product integrating 3D printing technology: 3Doodler launched 3D printer toy
3Doodler, a manufacturer of 3D printers for children, launched its latest product, 3D Build & Play, which is specially created for children under 3 years of age. Crank away with the 3D Build & Play and special molds to create your own stories in 3D. As a tactile learning toy, 3D Build & Play teaches fine motor skills, hands-on learning, and three-dimensional thinking, all while having a ton of fun. Using low-heat, BPA-free and non-toxic plastic, 3D Build & Play is completely safe for kids to use. With the plastic molds, 3D jungle characters can be created. Then children can follow along with the accompanying story book and pop-up backgrounds to tell the story.


New Product Integrating AR / VR technology: Abacus Brands' Virtual Reality Science Lab (Professor Maxwell ’s VR Lab)

Abacus Brands focuses on STEM products for children. This VR lab kit combines AR augmented reality and VR virtual reality technology into 6 different themed toolkits, including magic, science, chef, universe, atlas and Safari theme. Children can participate in physical operations while learning through immersive experiments and games.


New Product Integrating Smart Living Technology: WowWee Introduced New Smart Toothbrush BriteBrush

The BriteBrush smart toothbrush turns brushing twice a day into something children look forward to with songs, games and live instructions. The product uses patented smart sensor technology and a vibrating handle to achieve comprehensive oral coverage and lateral change recognition. It also includes inspection lights allowing parents to make sure that their child is brushing teeth in the right way.


Feature Two: new IP emerges; IP categories continue to expand

At this year’s toy fair, major exhibitors showcased more licensing products. Not only did some new cartoon IPs emerge, the IP categories also expanded to celebrity IP and sports IP. It can be seen that toy manufacturers have had a deeper understanding of IP authorization, and have had more comprehensive consideration of factors such as timeliness, popularity and marketing of cooperative IPs.

Mattel announced launch of 2020 Tokyo Olympics licensed toys

To celebrate the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Mattel announced that it has reached an exclusive licensing agreement with the International Olympic Committee. The company will launch its first series of Olympic toy products. Involved brands include Barbie, Hot Wheels and UNO. Each product will reflect the inclusiveness and innovation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Jakks Pacific partnerd with M-STAR Media to launch "cute girls hairstyles" toys

"Cute Girls Hairstyles", led by hair styling expert Mindy McKnight, is the No.1 hair styling channel on YouTube. Since its launch in 2009, "Cute Girls Hairstyles" have accumulated more than over 25million followers on their social media platforms.

The "cute girls hairstyles" toys by Jakks Pacific will come with a full set of CGH styling heads, wigs, styling tools and hair accessories for children above 6 years.


Moose Toys will launch the first toy series of the Australian cartoon "Bluey" to the US market

"Bluey" is Australia's No.1 children's drama in 2019. It is currently being broadcast on Disney + and Disney Teens Channel. Moose Toys will launch Bluey toy sets, plush toys, dolls and other products.

Japan's TOMY TOYS lanched "RICKY ZOOM" toy series

In cooperation with eOne, Japanese toy company TOMY exhibited a full range of "Ricky ZOOM" toys f targeting preschool children at the New York Toy Fair.


Feature Three: STEM / STEAM toys continue to be hot

STEM / STEAM toys have attracted much attention due to the prevalence of their educational concepts. This year's TOTY Toy Awards established the award of the best STEM / STEAM toys of the year for the first time and quite a number of unique STEM/STEAM toys were showcased at this year’s New York Toy Fair.

PAI Technology launched Botzees Junior

Botzees Junior is the latest "build and learn" product of the Botzees series of STEAM toys by Pai Technology. Botzees is an augmented reality-based robot with new features designed to combine gaming with healthy screen use and foster a passion for technology among children aged 3 and above. With Botzees Junior, kids can build their own dinosaurs and explore tutorials and games in a complementary app.


ELENCO expanded Snap Circuits product line

Toy maker Elenco has announced that it will expand its STEM toy Snap Circuits product line. The first to come to the market is MyHome, a construction kit designed to teach children aged 8+ to use electricity properly at home and in the real world. Kids can use colored base grids to make structures and learn about security systems, automatic lighting, motion detectors, and more. The kit is set to be launched this summer.


HEXBUG released JUNKBOTS collectible toys

Combining the unboxing trend with the company's iconic STEM product, HEXBUG's Junkbots are robots that kids can assemble by using a universal socket system. The series come with 36 characters integrating different characteristics such as vibration, glowing energy cores, and motion features etc.


Through this year’s New York Toy Fair and the TOTY Toy Award, we can see that technology elements are increasingly being applied to toys, so that children can learn and experience the latest scientific and technological knowledge while playing. At the same time, IP authorization continues to expand and deepen, which became an important boosting factor for the development of the toy industry. With the continuous development of the STEM / STEAM education concept, relevant toy products will also become a hot subject for future toy development.