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Playtime helps children to form key skills

Playtime is more than just fun, it's a crucial part of a baby's physical, emotional and mental development. Whether through toys or interaction with parents and other kids, in a child's life playtime helps to form many of the key skills necessary in life.

Developing motor skills
At the playing time, your little one's sense of touch is now getting into full swing, and he or she will begin to reach for objects and grab them. Hanging rattles and mobiles are perfect toys for this stage.

By the time a baby reaches six months, they are ready for a whole host of new toys. They will have discovered cause and effect, learning that their actions lead to results.

They will therefore be entertained by simple toys, anything that makes a noise when poked, pushed or prodded. Maracas or toy drums may drive parents crazy, but they will keep babies captivated and aid their development.
Discovering their senses
Children are still discovering their senses. At birth, their ears are full of fluid, and it takes a few months for the parts of the brain that control hearing to get into full swing.
Now is a good time to bring music to playtime. Music can be fun, calming or soothing, and, if introduced now, can help improve musical pitch for later in life.
At this point a baby's eyesight improves and they start to recognize faces, often becoming fascinated by them. Safe mirrors can provide entertainment. They also begin to distinguish between vivid colors; it is a good time to introduce brightly-colored toys.
What toys to go for
It is important to provide a variety of toys to ensure a well-rounded development. Fortunately, most toys for children are relatively cheap, and they are usually designed with a baby's development in mind.

Hand-eye coordination, an essential life skill, is also improved through playtime, and stacking blocks or cups, for example, are great options.
See below for some of the best toys for kids at China Toy Expo, from simple pots and pans that can increase coordination to mobiles that will appeal to the newfound love of gripping and hitting things.


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