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Choose Wooden Toys Which Are More Conducive to Children

        Wooden toys are becoming more popular now because they are relatively safer and healthier. Generally speaking, wooden toys can be divided into two kinds: pure wooden toys and synthetic toys.
Common wooden toy types
        1. blocks
        Usually cubes of wood or plastic solid toys, in general every surface decorated with letters or pictures, allowing different arrangement or building blocks with various styles, can develop children's intelligence, can be combined into a variety of animal house, etc..
        2. jigsaw puzzle
       China's ancient toys have four puzzles, such as smart board, tangram. These wooden jigsaw puzzles can open up your baby's intelligence and promote their intellectual development.
        3. drag toy
        The wooden drag toy has better stability because it has a certain texture. If you make the baby's favorite image, such as ducks, cars and so on, it is more suitable for toddlers to play.
        For wooden toys, the focus does not care about the type of toys, but how to choose correctly in order to help the baby's growth, which is conducive to the baby's thinking and other ability to exercise.
        Most of the raw materials for wooden toys come from natural, less chemical admixture, both green and environmentally friendly, and carefully smelled of light wood smell.
        Because of the diversity of wood, flexible selection of materials, and thus created a variety of wooden toys, patterns have changed the monotony of the original, the majority of products are numerous;
        Not only looks light and exquisite, the price is moderate, the color also becomes colorful, and is easy to operate, and is much loved by parents, friends and children.


        Wooden toys are popular with parents and children, so the market is very vast and broad. In order to find qualified wooden toy suppliers, of course, you cannot miss China Toy Expo.
        According to the post show report 2016, wooden toys exhibitors accounted for eleven percent of the total exhibitors, this year we still have so many exhibitors for you to choose. We are absolutely confident that you will find the most suitable supplier for you in China Toy Expo 2017. Because the best wooden toy exhibitors both at home and abroad will be gathered at CKE.

                         (Some qualified wooden toys supplier will exhibit on our fair 2017)