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China Toy Expo-The Platform for Environmental Friendly Toys

China gradually penetrated into every corner of society, the environmental protection consciousness is gradually thorough physical and mental. Environmental protection and saving resource is the important foundation of sustainable development, the consciousness of environmental protection to grab from children, so the children by education started the work on. 
China toy expo gathers international and domestic environmental protection creative toys, attract the attention of many visitors.

Environmental protection toys, as the name suggests, are different from traditional toys and less polluted. With the improvement of social environmental awareness, people's awareness of environmental protection has gradually improved, and many parents have begun to pay attention to the environmental toys materials

The growing prosperity of the toy market has brought parents more shopping choices, but in the light of the concerns about children's health, many parents have begun to choose environmentally friendly toys. The choice of environmental protection toys is not only beneficial to children's physical and mental health, but also can improve children's awareness of environmental protection, and indirectly promote the development of ecology.

China toy expo provides a platform for display of environmental friendly toys. Environmental friendly toys have become a goal and trend of the development of children's toys in the future.